On Thursday, August 14th, the Girls on the Rise conference took place at the Sierra Health Foundation. People from throughout Sacramento gathered to hear what knowledge the many speakers of the conference had to offer.

Girls on the Rise is a local non-profit run by a young woman named Jaelyn Singleton. This program provides a space for young girls of color to work on community service projects and leadership skill development throughout their communities in Sacramento.

The conference started with a brief introduction by Singleton and was led into poetry. The event focused on self-care and acceptance, as well as how to fight oppression from where you stand and skills to get involved with the community and help people.

The event then entered into a yoga session after briefly talking about how meditation and yoga can help with everything from the way one sees themselves, being mentally present and tips for

managing stress. Participants then followed an instructor and went outside.

A panel of four women who help the community through non-profits helped the audience understand how they started helping the community, why they do it and what exactly was their “call to action”.

“My call to action,” said Carmen Martinez from Brown Issues, “is something that I have seen in my community, in Sacramento in general, is that certain parts of Sacramento are being gentrified and we have these people coming in from different places, different cities that are not from Sacramento and don’t know the people in Sacramento. Like, how they live and they come in here and they build all these fancy coffee shops, hair salons and breweries and all these things that are not accessible to our own people. So, my call to action for myself and for my community is to reclaim that space. Take that space back because this is our space and we need to take care of it and people say that gentrification is helping communities and making communities better, but it’s not. If people are becoming homeless because wealthier people are moving in, that’s not getting better and we have to take back that space because we know what’s best for our community.”

At the end of the conference, hugs and thanks were all around, and the participants agreed, Revive with Girls on the Rise, was truly a success.