Climate change in California is starting to be a lot more concerning, especially in recent years. With more wildfires sprouting up every year, especially during the summer, people are becoming alarmed. In a span of 40 years, we’ve been seeing a dramatic increase of wildfires in the western states- even more so in California.

 Between 1980 to 1989 only 140 large wildfires occurred in total. Then from 1990 to 1999, there were 160 and from 2000 to 2012 it reached 250. The number of wildfires is only increasing every year in California and the other western states.

 This directly affects me as a Sacramento resident since I was born and raised here. The air quality is so bad sometimes there is so much smoke in the air you can’t even see that far. It can get really bad for your health as well. You definitely notice when you’re coughing a lot more.  Since Sacramento is in the valley, the smoke from wildfires can stay here for a very long period of time because the valley is shaped like a bowl and the air can sit in place for a long time. Even now after the fires have been mostly contained there is still smoke in the air that is clearly visible.