Access Sacramento Digital Lab Manager Bhim Kumar Reyes (left) accepts the digital film “Delta Breeze” from writer Aldo Cocco.

“Delta Breeze” arrived Monday. Writer Aldo Cocco’s movie showed up at Access Sacramento nine days early; It’s almost an unheard of feat for the “A Place Called Sacramento” Film Festival  which celebrates its 19th annual world premiere showing of 10 original films on Sat. Oct. 6 at the historic Crest Theatre.

In all, nine more original short movies are due for delivery Sept. 5. It’s the final step after this year’s set of 10 original award-winning short scripts complete the process of summertime filming and editing in anticipation of their first showing on the big screen.

The balance of the films are in their final editing phase now. The screenplays were all written by local authors and selected as the top 10 scripts in a writing competition that began last January for Sacramento’s original and only all-local film festival.

Tickets are available online from  or from the Access Sacramento main office while they last.

Swipe Right Crew (from left) Set Dresser/Actor Chris Laird, Writer-Director-Actor Nathan Reedy, Director of Photography Jake Honzik and 2nd Assistant Director-Actor Dennis Glasco [Photo by Corinne Meadors]

The movies include “Swipe Right,” a fanciful look at the world of on-line dating from writer, director, actor Nathan Reedy. The film completed its last photography during the weekend. Production included scenes at The Eagles Nest Hall in Roseville, CA.

This year’s festival also include its first ever musical. Writer Eric Sanderson’s “The Story of Jane and Jo” asks if this couple who see each other every day will ever hear the music of their hearts.  Sanderson was a winner two years ago for the story “City of Trees,” but says this year’s project was particularly challenging.

“The Story of Jane and Jo” by Eric Sanderson

“It was by far, the most ambitious, technically challenging and logistically complicated film I’ve made so far,” said Sanderson. “I just want to give a big thank you to everyone who helped me realize my dream of making a musical.”

Dancers before the camera and under the rain machine for “The Story of Jane and Jo.”

Beside the original songs and music, the 10-minute short also featured a rain machine that had to be set up not once but twice, after it was determined additional footage was needed.

Escargot Director of Photography Jeffrey Lapid

Writer-Director Judith Plank from “Escargot,” also a previous Festival winning writer in 2010 and 2011, praised her cast and crew over three weekends of photography and reports the film is in post-production. The Director of Photography is PCS veteran Jeffrey Lapid.

“Tono Sommesso” the story of a blind woman facing obstacles while pursuing her dream job was written by Danya Barrows.

On the set of “Tono Sommesso,” (from left) Actress Nicole Berry, Director of Photography Michael Thygesen and Director/Co-Producer Dawn Spinella.

She notes the biggest obstacle in editing right now. “We have so much great material, it’s going to be hard to cut it down to 10 minutes.” Post-production is nearly finished and a wrap party is being planned.

Writer Thalia Caraveo’s “The Disappeared” is the touching story of a family dealing with an aging parent with Alzheimer’s disease.

“The Disappeared” crew on the set at La Flor Pupusas Grill (from left) Director of Photography Elton King, Director Dawn Spinella, and Actors Leah Pears, Tessa Camilla Oushan and Steve Urbano with Juliet Caraveo. [Photo by Jordan Shaub]

As with all volunteer “A Place Called Sacramento” films, director Dawn Spinella reports a great team effort. “One of the great things about “The Disappeared” is the sheer number of women working on this short,” said Spinella. “Written, directed, starred, crewed, and so on.”

The other films making their world premiere are “The Engagement Ring” by Romeo Trocino, “The Gift” by Ritu Atwal, “Justin Time” by William Mendoza, and “Triple Shot Latte” by Amy Lawrence.

For more information about the festival or to be a festival sponsor, contact Access Sacramento at 916-456-8600.