Recently, many residents of  Sacramento have had to deal with rising rents as property values continue to rise. Mayor Darrell Steinberg addressed the problem by talking about ways to make housing more affordable in the city. According to newly released data, Sacramento rents jumped 9.3 percent in 2017, the largest increase in the country.

To further discuss this issue, and specifically to delve into rent stabilization and “just cause evictions”, the City is holding a public workshop on September 4th at 5 p.m at the City Council chambers on 915 I Street.

“We have to recognize that creating more supply is going to take some time, and we cannot ignore the plight of people who are suffering today,” Steinberg said. “These are people at risk for losing their apartments.”

Steinberg thinks a multiple-pronged approach is needed. The earlier workshop was about increasing the affordability of housing in Sacramento, where staff presented ideas for how to speed the construction of more affordable housing by reducing parking requirements and waiving fees, among other things.

Steinberg has been negotiating for months with housing advocates and labor and business leaders to come up with a plan that will shield renters from excessive increases. He believes that the talks will not put brakes on new units built.