Safari on The River  – “The mission of the Africa Hope Fund is to promote conservation through education by supporting schools, teachers and organizations assisting in the education of young Africans. Our goal is to help the people of Africa live healthy and productive lives and educate them on the value of preserving their communities valuable resources”   “We assist conservation organizations in the protection and rescue of wildlife from the ravages of poaching”.


  • Sponsorship of 40 children to attend secondary school and college.
  • Building 6 new classrooms and a library for a dilapidated primary school, increasing the student body from 320 to 930.
  • Funding local scouting patrols who find and arrest poachers, locate snares, and rescue animals caught in snares.
  • Conservation education programs and classes for local children, several of whom now have careers in wildlife conservation.
  • The first three detection dogs in Zambia who find elephant ivory, rhino horns, bush meat, other wildlife contraband, guns and ammunition. Support of an additional 3 detection dog to work in the Luangwa valley.

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Chalk It Up! – The 28th Annual Chalk It Up! Festival Labor Day Weekend – September 1-3, 2018 Fremont Park 16th & Q Streets.ANNUAL FESTIVAL

Each Labor Day Weekend, they turn Fremont Park in downtown Sacramento into an explosion of  chalk art

masterpieces, live music, public art, and community engagement. Since 1991, the Chalk It Up! festival has been their biggest fundraiser, and has turned into a hugely popular regional event that brings over 60,000 people to Fremont Park over the three-day weekend.  The main attraction of the Chalk It Up! festival are the hundreds of

sidewalk chalk paintings that are created over the course of the weekend.  The Chalk It Up! festival features over 75 arts and

craft booths and nearly two-dozen food vendors. Experience an amazing array of locally created art, and all sorts of creative wares such as custom jewelry, and clothing.  Each day of the Chalk It Up! festival also features a variety of musical performers who donate their time to entertain the public and set a lively soundtrack to the festivities. As an organization dedicated to support Youth Arts in Sacramento, our Chalk It Up! Festival includes many of activities for families, children, and teens to enjoy. All of the interior sidewalks in Fremont Park are open to the public to add their own chalk masterpieces.

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