On Saturday, August 4th, there was a Mayan Hip Hop and Cacao Ceremony put on by a local nonprofit called The Decolonization Project and held at the Yisrael Urban Family Farm.

The Decolonization Project is a small nonprofit created to give local People Of Color a voice and a means to get back to their roots. They hold events, distribute a newsletter and even have a zine that comes out every season. The point of the group is to “decolonize”, which means to take back who people of color are and separate the involuntary white life forced upon them away.

“TDP,” as defined in The Decolonization Project’s Facebook page, is “an experimental cooperative with the intent to co-power, strengthen, and create resilient communities of inclusion through the indigenization of our bodies, minds, and spirits. We believe that through indigenization, we can radically alter the settler colonial landscape of our communities and create a harmonious relationship with our Mother Earth.”

The Decolonization Projects praised the location of Yisrael Urban Family Farm due to its intimate size and surrounding nature, as well as the fact that the farm is accessible to the community as well.

The Mayan Hip Hop and Cacao Ceremony took place due to the hope that people who usually do not have access to these ceremonies could easily come and enjoy. Many ceremonies like this would not be advertised to a broad audience and most likely tucked away somewhere. Whereas, this ceremony was made for everyone. The gathering was intimate with around 20 guests in attendance.

“I was a little uncomfortable,” said Arabesque Lynaolu, a Sacramento resident, and attendee of the ceremony. “But I was glad that they had an event accessible to those who practice this.”

If you want to learn more about The Decolonization Project, check here for their Facebook page: