On Tuesday, June 26th, 28-year-old activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the 14th Congressional District primary in New York state. Ocasio-Cortez beat 10-term Democratic Rep. Joseph Crowley, who was seen as the possible future Speaker of The House if Democrats retake control, by over 4,000 votes.

This win has shaken many people within the Democratic Party and caused some Republicans to consider Democrats to be leaning “too far to the left” and calling Ocasio-Cortez a “socialist”. In an interview on the television show “The View”, Ocasio-Cortez explained what exactly she means when she refers to herself as a “Democratic Socialist.”

“There is a huge difference between socialism and Democratic Socialism,” Ocasio-Cortez says. “Democratic Socialism and really what that boils down to me is the basic belief that in a moral and wealthy America, in a moral and modern America, no person should be too poor to live in this country.” 


In Ocasio-Cortez’ campaign video, she stated that “Women like me aren’t supposed to run,” yet she did and won her primary. Bucking other trends, not only is Ocasio-Cortez a woman, but she is a 28-year-old woman of color who won an election against a long-standing incumbent in America. She has repeatedly stated that her campaign is a movement for everyone. These facts have made many young people of color more excited than ever about getting engaged in politics.

“She gives me hope not only for myself, a person who doesn’t necessarily (identify) as a woman but is read as one, looking to go into politics,” said political science major Zauna Nuru-Bates from Sacramento. “It also gives me hope for our country, there are still good things happening in our government.”

More and more young activists of color are voicing their opinions and hoping to shape the United States into what they want. What do you think? Does Ocasio-Cortez’ win truly mean anything for the future?

Want to learn more about Ocasio-Cortez? Visit: ocasio2018.com