The Vice Mayor a small California town called Dixon was recently in the news for some anti-LGBTQ language he used in the local Independent Voice Newspaper. In a section called “That’s

Life”, Dixon Vice Mayor Ted Hickman had plenty to say concerning his feelings on Gay Pride Month.

“Last Sunday ended LGBTQF-WTF month … with tens of thousands of folks dancing and prancing all over American celebrating the fact they are different than most of the rest of us and showing their ‘pride’ in being so,” said Vice Mayor Hickman. “Last week I proclaimed the Month of July as SPAM …(Straight Pride American Month)…(as Vice Mayor don’t know if I can, but what the heck).”

This has caused an uproar from many of the LGBTQ community and from residents who live in the Dixon area. An online petition calling for Hickman’s removal from office quickly went viral. This petition from has already garnered 25,000 signatures with the goal to reach over 30,000.

“Now hundreds of millions of the rest of us can celebrate our month, peaking on July 4th, as healthy, heterosexual, fairly monogamous, keep our kinky stuff to ourselves, Americans,” the Vice Mayor continued in his newspaper column. “Don’t get me wrong, I support the First Amendment, as much as the next person, and support the rights of grown men to wear skin-tight short-shorts and go-go boots and don tinker bell wings with a wand and prance down the streets of San Francisco.”

“Wow! That’s actually really nuts, he’s definitely not someone I want anywhere near me,” said Cecilia Ochoa, a student at UC Davis. “I will for sure be signing the petition for his recall.”

“Mr. Hickman’s words have no place in our society. Mr. Hickman should resign immediately,” said Rick Zbur, The Executive Director of Equality California.

Vice Mayor Hickman has acknowledged the petition but says that he doubts any sort of recall will happen. At a packed City Council meeting last week, dozens of protestor called for his immediate removal from office while Dixon Mayor Tom Bogue hinted that the city was considering other legal options to deal with Hickman’s remarks. Hickman is up for reelection this November.