My name is Carlos Davila-Viera, and I was born on January 17th, 2000 in the city of Lima, Peru. I was born premature and as a result I was very small, like incredibly small to the point where you couldn’t even hear me cry sometimes. I didn’t stay in Peru long however as my family, consisting of my mom, dad, and older sister, moved to Sacramento, California when I was only one year old. Because of this, I’ve always considered Sacramento my home. When going back to Lima to visit, I get homesick because I’m so used to my surroundings in California.

I’ve gone to a Catholic school from Kindergarten to my senior year of high school which I just finished. That’s been a really big part of my life- not the fact that it’s Catholic but because of the people that I met there. When I was in second grade, my parents separated and my mom, sister, and I moved to Denver, Colorado because my uncle lived there. That’s what I consider one of the hardest years of my life, it was just awful. Getting to know new people, new places, going to a new school, getting new friends, it was tough and because of that, we moved back to Sacramento a year later.

When I returned to Sacramento, I met Joe, who would become my best friend,  at the same school I had gone to. We were always in the same class but didn’t become friends until then. He lived right across the street from the school so I’d go to his house almost everyday. We’ve been together since then, through thick and thin and other cheesy things to say about a lasting friendship.

High school was an interesting transition because I was so used to a small Catholic elementary and middle school before  transfering to a large Catholic high school. Luckily, my two closest friends in Joe and Jacob, who I had met a few years prior, were there to help me through that. I struggle with anxiety and self esteem issues so sometimes I become overwhelmed and while that wasn’t too great, something strange ended up really helping me with that.

The game “Super Smash Bros. for WiiU” is what helped me overcome these self esteem issues and escape my comfort zone. There was a club at Jesuit High School that was dedicated to playing the game competitively. I had it and played casually but I thought that I could at least try to be better, so I did and ended become one of the best three players in the entire club. This is where I met some of my closest friends that I hang out with almost every day. Meeting these people helped me open up and get over things more. They drive me to improve myself and not stop even when I face a difficult road. It was because of these people that I was cast in the Fall play at Jesuit, “Isaiah Says”, and it was because of the interest they had in my original screenplay that I continued writing it. Other than hanging out with friends and family, I like to watch movies, watch TV and play videos games,most of the time with friends and family. My three favorite films are Pulp Fiction,which sparked my love for film, Psycho, which I can watch anytime and just love, and, my all time favorite, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, a film that I can watch endlessly and quote almost every single line. My favorite TV shows are Parks and Recreation, Game of Thrones, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia which is, in my opinion, the funniest show on television. My favorite video games are Tetris which I’ve spent hours on in one sitting, Kingdom Hearts 2 (a childhood classic), and my favorite, The Last of Us, a game that I’ve played over eight times, all the way through, and am still not bored of it.

That’s really all there is to know about me. I’m just a guy that wants the best for everyone, I would do anything for my friends and family. I just want to see everyone happy because I think that’s what everyone deserves. I like to talk about things that I care about and hang out with people that I care about. I’ve been told I’m a good listener and incredibly kind, not to toot my own horn, it’s what others have said.

I’m really looking forward to this experience, thank you!