I would like to say that I am a fairly cool and unique person. I create art in various mediums, and I have an internship at an art center where I get to do a little of everything within and I own my queerness more than anyone I know.  You can often find me in a thrift shop, reading a new book about how racism is so embedded in our culture or out and about continuing my search for delicious vegan foods, although I’m only strictly a vegetarian. I consider myself a social rights activist even though I have been lacking in my online presence as an activist. I am constantly doing research, collecting data and recording everything going on to understand where the problems stem from and how to fix them. To me, those exact things would be listed under the terms “cool” and “unique”.

Although I do have anxiety and a few other illnesses up my sleeve, I know how to manage various tasks and events happening throughout my life. Sometimes I even purposefully fill my schedule in order to feel productive, which is a weakness of mine. That being said, I do understand the huge significance of a break and reading the signs of your body. To get through my day-to-day, I am somewhat spiritual. Not religious, but I celebrate the Earth and all she has given us, as well as using the law of attraction and positivity candles while I work on myself and my own personal growth.

Overall, I enjoy and am passionate about topics and subjects that the average person may not enjoy or maybe just does not know or think about. I often like to think of myself as someone who can think deeply and understand the beauty of our earth and the art that we create.