I don’t like talking to people. Well, what I mean is that I don’t like asking strangers a bunch of questions that seem intrusive. Reporters tend to have a bad reputation in general as being prying and pushy and that notion hung over my head for awhile. Especially whenever I’m building the courage for 20 minutes to finally interview just one person. However, this wouldn’t stop me from doing my job and I’m actually quite glad that I relatively got better at starting interactions with strangers.

Sometimes, you can get a good interview by genuinely listening to what people have to say or just by.asking where the nearest important person is. I fondly remember one time at a farmers’ market when I was having a conversation with a woman running a cheese stand. She was very nice and she gave me samples of different flavors of cheese (I like cheese). After discovering that I was a reporter, she personally escorted and introduced me to the coordinator and director of the farmers’ market. I was deeply grateful because she saved me a lot of hassle and from another reminder of my own incompetence.

Overall, working at the Neighborhood News Correspondents gave me many memories and experience as a fellow reporter. I think, in the future, I would probably look back at my time here and credit it for giving me the skills I needed to assist in my anticipated career as a public servant in the City of Sacramento.

I would like to thank Jazmine for recommending this line of work to me as well as being understanding and patient, Dominique for being supportive of my endeavors, Ivan for making me laugh, Quan for teaching me to be cognizant of my co-workers, and, of course, Mr. Gonzalez for allowing me to participate in this youth media program. I couldn’t have asked for a better remaining network of reporters to work with.