You may be surprised to learn that soda isn’t the only beverage on the market that’s loaded with sugar. Many doctors and nutritionists agree that 25 grams of sugar is recommended for children and adults to maintain a healthy diet, but the average person consumes roughly 126 grams of sugar a day.

“Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption is steadily rising among all age groups worldwide,” said the review’s senior author, M. Faadiel Essop, Ph.D., of Stellenbosch University in Stellenbosch, South Africa. “Our analysis revealed that most epidemiological studies strongly show that frequent intake of these beverages contributes to the onset of the metabolic syndrome, diabetes and hypertension.”

One can of Coca-Cola contains 33 grams of sugar, which is already above the healthy amount. But grape juice, which you may think is a healthier alternative, has 36 grams of sugar. Another popular drink is the Rockstar Energy drink, which has 60 grams of sugar per 16 fl oz.

Juices are made of fruits that have sugar in it, and energy drinks are known for being unhealthy, so what about tea? It seems like the healthier option. But not so fast, Lipton Iced Tea has 53 grams of sugar per 20 fl oz, Arizona Iced Tea contains 52.5 grams of sugar per 20 fl oz., and even a Snapple is above the healthy amount of sugar with 36 grams of sugar per 16 fl oz.

With all these highly-sugary beverages, how do we make sure our drinks are healthy? There are always tables online where you can look at how much sugar is in a drink, but it is also on every nutritional facts located on any food or drink item you buy. Check the sugar per serving to make sure you’re not overloading your body on sugar, and think before you drink.