At McClatchy Park, on April, Saturday 14th, a celebration of Oak Park schools will be held. It’s a free event, with free haircuts for kids. There will be live music, food, and resources for the community, as well as performances by students in the Oak Park area.

This festival is meant to be fun for the whole family, and it encourages stronger communities that know each other better. The schools and students of Oak Park have had many accomplishments and successes. This event recognizes the hard work of Oak Park students and teachers alike.

Vendors will be on hand to help the community recognize some organizations that can help them. Hot dogs will also be cooked for the celebrations, with help from community firefighters. So far, over 700 people are planning to attend.

As Oak Park grows and strengthens as a community, more and more opportunities for socialization appear. The celebration of the schools and students of Oak Park is a great way to connect with neighbors and to support the local community. Plus, it gives students the opportunity to go out in a safe environment and socialize with each other.

Those who want to attend should come to McClatchy Park, on 3500 5th Avenue in Sacramento. The event will be on Saturday, April 14th, from 12:00pm-3:00pm.