Each year the Sacramento Banjo Band sponsors an annual banjo music festival known as Banjo-Rama. World class banjo stars are featured as soloists and in ensembles. Eddie Peabody, probably the most famous banjo player ever, performed at the very first Banjo-Rama in 1967, in the Governor’s Hall at the old California State Fairgrounds in Sacramento.  These musicians are not just plucking chords like grandpa used to do on the back porch! They are genuine pros! Their fingers and hands are sizzling hot, moving faster than the eye can follow, playing everything from classical to popular music.

You’ll be surprised and delighted at their imaginative arrangements, versatility, and precise execution.  In addition to banjo virtuoso’s, there will be exciting west coast banjo bands and ragtime piano players. It’s quite a musical spectacle that could just as well have been named the banjo Olympics.  This year’s Banjo-Rama will focus on participation – that’s why we’ve renamed it “Banjo-Jam-A-Rama.” There will be lots of opportuni

ty to jam with your friends and the pros, and play for them if you wish!  Primarily 4-string banjos are played at Banjo-Rama. Other banjo-compatible instruments are welcome at the jam sessions. We often have ukelele, tuba, bass, gut bucket, drum, clarinet, and occasionally even violin players participate.  Banjo-Rama proceeds are a benefit for children’s charities in the Sacramento area.  Be sure to attend this year’s Banjo-Rama.

The Shaxspere Project

Amanda DeWilde, Sacramento Library’s Archivist of the Rare Books room and Megan Cooper Co-Producer of the Shaxspere project will be joining us on live wire to talk about the SHAXSPERE PROJECT.  The Program is divided into two events:

  1. A panel meeting entitled: Did De Vere Write Shakespeare? The panel will beopen to the public to discuss the authorship of William Shakespeare at the South meeting room of the Sacramento Library, 828 I St., Sacramento, CA 95814 on Tuesday April 24, 2018 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.


  1. California Stage/ Theater Creations will present 50 actors reading five plays from the “Fourth Folio”. Five plays thought to be written by Shakespeare for nearly 150 years. The Folio may be seen in the rare book room at the Main Sacramento library. We call this program The Lost Plays of Shakespeare.The readings will be held in the Wilkerson Theater in Midtown Sacramento located at 1725 25th street from April 25th to May 26, 2018 every Friday at 8:00 PM and every Saturday at 2:00 PM.