The Thousand Strong program, implemented by Mayor Darrell Steinberg, hopes to enrich the young people of Sacramento with skills that they will need for both college and the workforce. By implementing the Thousand Strong program, the city of Sacramento hopes to better not just it’s youth, but also the prosperity of its economy as well.

The Thousand Strong program works with local businesses in order to give youth professional training, to help make them a better asset to companies. The program also offers internships, so that way young people can get hands-on experience.

“This is not another program,” said Mayor Steinberg in a press release. “It is the way we intend to do business in our city. We don’t run the schools, nor do we run a business – we are the link to ensure that our kids are first in line for the jobs in Sacramento’s new economy.”

All the students who enroll will be aided by a professional to ensure that they have support and guidance. With the new skill sets, young people of Sacramento will be better equipped to handle any job that they might apply for. They will also have opportunities through internships to obtain a job.

The program offers 40 hours of workplace training through paid internships. Because the program doesn’t charge the employer, it allows for more opportunities for internships and helps teens better prepare for the workforce.

For employers, they have access to hundreds of job profiles of youth through the City of Sacramento, and they will have the ability to network with talented youth, setting up possible future employees.

If you are a student and wish to apply to the program, click here. The deadline is April 8th, 2018. For employers, click here to sign up.