On Sunday, February 11th, the “Unity Ball” promoting solidarity with trans women will be held at the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM. Only the first 450 people will be allowed to enter, and the tickets on Eventbrite have already been sold out.

“It’s actually a three-part series, and it’s called the unity projects,” Ebony Harper said in a previous interview. “And they’re to promote solidarity with trans folks, predominantly trans women of color.”

The three-part event included a Sacramento screening of two movies, Major! and KIKI. that occurred last year and the creation of a mural of Chyna Gibson, a trans woman who had been murdered.

The dance is based on “ballroom scene”, which is an LGBT based organization. Ballroom scene involves many art forms, such as dance, modeling, and singing. In ballroom scene, there are usually competitions in which members of the ballroom scene participate in.

“So the ballroom scene is an underground organization, I call underground but it’s actually really really big…” Demetriel Colon said in a previous interview. “It’s associated with a lot of different houses, or similarly, families of the LGBT community and what they do is compete regularly for cash prizes or trophies and things like that.”

You can read more about the Unity Ball on Sol Collective’s website here, or check out their Facebook page.