Until very recently, the Sacramento City Teachers Association were organizing a strike in order to increase their wages. However, on November 6th they sat down with members of the Sacramento City Unified School District and agreed on a three-year contract that would increase teacher wages by 11%

“I’m happy to announce that the district and the teachers union have reached a comprehensive agreement on a three year contract,” Mayor Darrell Steinberg said during a speech in front of City Hall. “It is fair to our hard working teachers and at the same time it upholds the districts proper responsibilities to always be a good fiscal steward and create additional opportunities to invest in the district’s equity agenda.”

The teachers claimed that the district was sitting on $81 million in reserves. The teachers union set out to hold a strike ranging across many different schools in Sacramento.

They set a strike date for November 8th in order to sit down with the Sacramento City School District to settle the dispute. If there was no resolution by that time, the teachers would walk the picket line. 

However, on the 6th of November, the teachers union and the school district reached an agreement that the wages of teachers should increase by 11%.

“More than anything,this agreement was possible because of the unity shared, and sense of purpose by the 2,800 educators in our district who are represented by the Sacramento Teachers Association,” said David Fisher, from the Sacramento City Teachers Union during his speech at City Hall.”

While agreement satisfied the teachers union, as well as the school district, both parties agreed to collaborate on a future proposal to fund the arts and other special programs from students.