Thousands of people are currently without a home in the Sacramento region. In Sacramento County alone it is believed that the number of people who are currently experiencing homelessness has risen from 2822 to 3665 people over just a few years. To put it in perspective, the population of an average high school in California is just 999 students. Many of these people have been on the streets for years.

In August, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli, Sacramento Councilmember Jeff Harris and Sacramento Steps Forward Director Ryan Loofbourrow signed their names in bold and pledged to work together to stop the homelessness problem in Sacramento. However, recent public outcry from Sacramento citizens shows some of the disapproval of the current process.

Sacramento City Hall Near I Street

On November 8th, from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM, people will be holding hands and forming a human chain across I Street. The event is called “Hands Across I Street” and its purpose is to support a unified plan between the County and City of Sacramento to end the displacement. There is currently an agreement between the County and City to help people that are experiencing homelessness, however, there is yet to be a comprehensive plan.

“(There is) over $3 million in housing and services to help people experiencing homelessness,” stated the City of Sacramento Website.

“(There is) $1.35 million redesigned system for families experiencing homelessness,” stated the County Of Sacramento Website.

The County and City have their own individual plan to combat the problem, but the number of people experiencing destitution keeps rising in both places.

By holding hands and forming a human chain, the citizens hope to show that they want the County and City to work together in order to combat homelessness. Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Supervisor Kennedy will be attending the event. You can find out more about the event here.