My community is very special to me. I live on Lemon Hill Avenue, between 65th Street and Stockton Boulevard, directly across from Will C. Wood Middle School. I know only a few people who live close by my apartment, but yet, I feel connected to all the people who live on my street. Every time I walk my dog, I say hello to everyone I come across. Sometimes I receive the salutation back, sometimes I receive silence. It is that latter sound that drives me to improve my community.

Many people in my community are apathetic. That does not mean that they are bad people. However, it is a lot harder for me to bring change because of this. The street I live on is often filled with trash. When I tried to organize a community clean-up recently, many of my neighbors pushed me away. I felt like giving up against the odds. Fortunately, I have friends that reminded me that I should not give up. One of them reminded me that falling victim to the same apathy that fell upon my community would only make things worse. Another reminded me of how far I had come in organizing my event.

Thanks to them, I was able to make my community clean-up possible.

My community extends far beyond the boundary of my street. It transcends physical distance and extends to the people who support me in what I do. Not only do they support me, but point out my flaws so I can improve myself. My community is made from the people who are willing to struggle with me against great odds. I am thankful for my friends and my community.