At American River College, there is a plethora of resources for the students.

WAC and RAD, Writing Across the Curriculum and Reading Across the Curriculum, are classes designed to help their students write papers and make sense of their textbooks.

Another thing ARC offers for their students are clubs. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, there is a gaming club, a finance club, and many other clubs.. Clubs are a great way for students to do what they love or to socialize with other students. There is also a Club Day when all the clubs gather in front of the Student Center to advertise their clubs to students.

College hours and events are held at ARC as well. College hours are meant to inform and educate students on all types of matters; it’s also a good way to spend time in-between classes.

Events, such as plays, art show, and contests are also held on campus. There are always plays running in the fall semester, the current play being Beauty and Beast, next being Seagull.

Art galleries hold show from from student artists or professionals who come on campus to showcase their pieces. Typically for art students, their art gallery shows are held in early December around finals.

There are also events held at ARC that offer either knowledge or a chance to relax. ARC has meditation rooms, and twice a week during finals they bring in adoptable puppies for students to pet and take their minds off of their tests.

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