Instead of trying to tell you to not procrastinate, I will tell you how to do it because procrastination is almost inevitable. First thing first, do not worry about the project assigned to you until nine hours before it is due. Second, drink five cups of coffee and panic really hard. Third, throw together some sloppy work as fast as possible. And there, you have successfully procrastinated! But in all seriousness, procrastination will make your job very hard. Do not treat your assignment as homework but rather as duties you must fulfill. That is what helped me, I hope you found that useful.

Being a journalist is not only an opportunity but also a responsibility. There are many things I learned while working at over the summer that has improved me as a person and as a content producer. I wish to pass the things I have learned to you, the future Neighborhood News Correspondent. The biggest thing above all is to be yourself. Being yourself is what allows the articles and videos you produce to be unique. There are general guidelines to how you should make content but there are no rules that are set in stone. Every article you write and video you make will improve your skills as a journalist. It is a continuous learning experience that does not stop unless you decide to stop. I hope you will always grow when you are with the team.