It has been nine months since I started working for AccessLocal.TV, and along the way I learned so many things about the community, and the workforce. Between my first and second term, we began working on a project outside of AccessLocal.TV.

We partnered with Neighborworks to produce a series of videos called Know Your Farmers, Know Your Foods. Over the spring and into the summer we worked on this project, traveling to various farms and asking the farmers a variety of questions.

In July, my team and I took a trip to San Jose to cover the Summer Transportation Institute. This was a summer program held at San Jose State University, in which students attending the program got college credits for the classes they took. We got to tour San Jose state, as well as go to the Santa Cruz boardwalk, and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Our last trip was the Free Our Dreams event held at UC Davis. We went to workshops, danced, and played games. However, the most important thing we did during our trips was our jobs: interviews, photography, and videography.

The best advice I could give to new coming arrivals is always get your work in on time. Make sure you get interviews to give your article or video soul, and don’t be afraid. The more confidence you have in yourself the easier the job becomes; the easier it is to get interviews and the easier it is to get interesting shots.