On September 9th, from 11 am to 1 pm, Sol Collective will be hosting an event called “Healing for the Homies”. This event is geared towards activists and artists whose work takes a toll on them. Tickets are $10 and the event will be at 2574 21st street.

With the events in Charlottesville, d the hurricane in Texas, it’s easy to get caught up in what’s going on in the world around you. Though it is good to keep up on how the world is doing, activists can get too caught up in other people and big issues and forget about taking care of themselves.

Healing for the Homies helps activists and artists to take a step away from the issues of the world and take some much-needed time to focus on themselves. Healing for the Homies tickets can be found here.

Salvin Chagall at Sol Collective during interview

“Sol Collective is a non-profit organization focusing on art, culture, activism, and we have a lot of programing such as Sacramento Activist School. We have Sol Live media platform, which I am the assembly director of, and basically, we try to provide a platform  and a voice to individuals who represent marginalized communities,” said Salvin Chahal, the Creative Director of Sol Collective said in a previous interview. “Our work is just rooted in basically healing the people in the best way we can, because we know right now more than ever our communities are hurting, and we don’t need to see any numbers to get a better understanding of that. We know, we can feel it in our hearts and our minds and our souls, so anything we can do to basically provide the opposite of the duality of what’s going on with everything, that what we want to do that’s what our work is rooted in; trying to heal and build community through art and activism. Two things that go hand in hand in whatever way you think when you think of art of activism.”

More information about Healing for the Homies can be found on Sol Collective’s Facebook Page.