Sacramento is an urban city with multitudes of suburban areas around its edges. Thousands of people who live here rely on public transportations every day to travel to and from the places they need to go. Buses and the light rail system are essential for many people in their commutes. While some people are able to use the transit system without problems, other people find that their needs fall through the cracks. One group that seeks to address the problems that are often overlooked is the Sacramento Transit Rider Union. Sac TRU works with Organize Sacramento in its efforts to alleviate transit complications.

“Sacramento Transit Rider Union meets regularly to identify issues that affect riders that we feel are not being effectively addressed by Regional Transit,” said Sarah Kerber, Secretary for Organize Sacramento. “One of the issues we are working on right now is restoring free transfer to all fares. If you currently buy a cash farer, you’re not given a free 90 minutes [free transfer] which the other fares have access to. This leaves out a large portion of riders from receiving that benefit.”

One of their advocacy goals is focusing on the excessive triple-digit temperatures that the transit riders are experiencing while using the light rail. One Sac TRU member voiced their concern about the potentially fatal safety issues and was able to get a response from

The RT General Manager and CEO, Henry Li. The public was able to get an explanation of why the light rail system is in the conditions that they are. This shows that RT is being held responsible for their actions and the people are aware of the conditions of their transit system. The full letter can be found here.

 According to Sac TRU, they are “a community coalition, including public transit riders, neighborhood leaders, transit workers, student groups, community organizations, small business associations, and workers’ rights groups.” They are often found at monthly meetings in the Organize Sacramento main office on Broadway.