On the 19th, 24th, and 29th of this month, from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm at the Dr. Ephraim Williams Family Life Center on 14th street,“The Sugars” event will work to educate people about diabetes. To RSVP for tickets, please visit eventbrite.com

There are two types of diabetes, and Type 2 diabetes is largely preventable with healthy food choices and exercise. 55% of adults in Sacramento have pre-diagnosed or diagnosed diabetes. 50% of adult African-Americans have diabetes in California. Knowing how to take care of your diabetes can help maintain a balance in the blood’s sugar levels, thus helping you lead a healthier life.  

“In order to reduce the devastating complications of diabetes, individuals with diabetes need to adequately control blood glucose, along with other associated risk factors such as lipid disorders and hypertension,” said Association Chief Scientific, Medical & Mission Officer William T. Cefalu, MD in a press release. “Thus, the person with diabetes is responsible for daily management of this chronic condition, which involves adequate nutrition and regular physical activity, as well as adjusting medication dosages and monitoring blood glucose. The National Standards for DSMES recognize that the person with diabetes is actually the center of the health care team since it is estimated that a person with diabetes visits his or her primary care provider, on average, only four times a year. Therefore, it is critical that we support people with diabetes and their caregivers with the appropriate self-management guidance, education, and tools to improve patient outcomes and prevent or delay the many serious complications that can accompany diabetes.”

William Jahmal Miller will be moderating the event, with the guest speaker Dr. Rodney G. Hood, a health professional. They will be working to educate African Americans about diabetes, and how they can take care of themselves.