On Saturday, July 22nd, The Sacramento Transit Union held a community meeting which brought a group of people together to talk about the issues public transit users face daily. Sac TRU holds these community meetings every Saturday from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at their Broadway office.

Sac TRU brings together public transit riders, neighborhood leaders, transit workers, students, and so much more.

Many people in Sacramento area depend on public transit to get to one place to another. Sac TRU believes that transit in Sacramento needs to be improved for those who use buses and light rail.

Many of the things done at these meetings are the generation of  letters which are then sent to the Regional Transit Board Members. Some of those go into depth about the excessive heat and public safety concerns on light rail trains.

“Passengers are placed in dangerous situations when exposed to excessive heat. This especially affects the elderly, young children and persons with disabilities,” said Sac TRU in a weekly letter to the RT Board. “Delayed, malfunctioning trains and buses also cause riders to be exposed in the sun for extended periods of time at unprotected stations in triple-digit temperatures.”

Another weekly letter sent to the Regional Transit Board Members included concerns about the limitations of languages that public transit offers. “We request that communications and outreach events be conducted in the acknowledged top 6 languages used by RT riders: English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Hmong, and Vietnamese,” Sac TRU wrote in another weekly letter to RT. “ We also request that RT provide outreach in a greater variety of venues, including neighborhood associations, community centers, schools, etc.”

For more information about Sac TRU and where and when their meetings take place; click here