Recently, the National Council on Teacher Quality, an independent advocacy group, conducted a  study by looking at over 600 institutions around the United States. In this study, they found that in their opinion around 70 percent of all programs are not providing elementary teachers candidates with enough current reading training.

Some people believe that teachers do not have the proper training to teach kids with technology in the classroom. Many people believe that technology is becoming a very important role in the atmosphere of education in the classroom.

A study by Dell concluded that only 29 percent of American students have technology integrated throughout their curriculums compared to China which has 53 percent of students using technology in their studies.

One reason for this may be because of the lack of training given to teachers for student behavior and technology. One student from John F. Kennedy High School has strong feelings about this issue.

“I feel like some teachers find it hard to be able to teach students of this time period,” says Giovanni Barajas, “The world is moving a lot faster than it did before especially with technology. Our world and our way of life is much different than theirs was. I feel like teachers need more proper training to be able to effectively train students, especially in terms of technology.”

In the study done by Dell, about 90 percent of students believe that technology is beneficial to their education and needed to prepare them for future jobs.

“I like to think that knowing more about tech will help me in the future,” said Diego Santana, a recent graduate of Kennedy High School. “Maybe tech is not for me, but I know that there are many different fields that need you to know at least basic online skills. So yeah, I think teachers should be able to integrate it better into our classes.”

All of this leaves many people with the question, are teachers really well trained for the students of today?