The Summer Transportation Institute just wrapped up a three week program which invited San Jose high school students to the campus of San Jose State University. While there, students learned about careers in transportation by taking classes which allowed them to earn transferable college credits. 

San Jose City Hall

Four slots were open to students from Sacramento, three of which were taken by Access Local News Correspondent team members, and one of which was taken by a young woman from a YMCA youth program.


“I expected to see lots of lectures on how the transportation system works,” said Miranda Villarreal, a Sacramento student who attended the program. “I also expected to meet more people and that can wake up our eyes and see what kind of changes we can accomplish.”


Students from Sacramento stayed at the program for three days. They toured the tech museum, learned about some of the history about San Jose State University, sat in on a lecture about energy usage, toured city hall and spoke with San Jose transit workers, explored the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, Looked around the PG&E center, and lastly, toured the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, in less than 72 hours.


This program has been going on for 15 years for San Jose Students but the 2017 trip was the first time they opened the program to students from Sacramento. The group from Sacramento had less contact with the San Jose group, and were on a slightly different schedule.


“It was a great experience overall, “Villarreal explained. “I was excited and (overwhelmed) by all the new faces I got to see. I learned many new things (such as) the types of reusable energy (and) ways to save our planet.”