2017’s National Summer Transportation Institute provided an opportunity for AccessLocal.tv reporters to experience a taste of a college education and learn a little bit about careers in the transportation and energy efficiency industries.

This event was hosted by Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose. This program is sponsored and funded by a grant from the US Federal Highway Administration. It extends beyond just San Jose and it includes various college campuses around the country.

While AccessLocal.tv reporters only got to experience three days of this program, students from San Jose High School Independence High got to experience a 2-week camp. By the end of it all, participating students received 3 units of college credit.

“It was a great experience overall,” said Miranda Villarreal, a YMCA Youth in Government program participant. “I was excited and overwhelmed by the new faces I got to see. I got to meet really out going people and my roommate was such an amazing person. What was interested me most about the event is when we took a trip to San Francisco.”

AccessLocal.tv reporters traveled went by train early on a Monday morning to San Jose, California. They checked in to San Jose State University to check out the dorms. Soon after, the reporters went to the Tech Museum of Innovation to watch a film that covered engineering and the history of technology.

Moving forward, the team had time to experience many of the museum’s many great attractions, including Virtual Reality booths, an earthquake simulator and more. One of these attractions had the team wear a brain data analyzer and participate in some activities. By the end of the end of the day, the device told each wearer how they were feeling throughout their experiences in the museum.

On Tuesday morning, the woke up early and ate breakfast before going on to participate in lectures from professors about energy and transportation in the United States. After that, the crew rode a  bus to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. AccessLocal.tv reporters had lots of fun while exploring the beach and getting on the attractions. The day ended with a dinner at one of the restaurants in Santa Cruz.

On Wednesday, the last day of the trip, the team again had breakfast and quickly went on a bus to San Francisco for a  tour at PG&E. The team learned about energy motives and how people can change it. Immediately after, the tram took a bus to the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge for a guided tour The view from the bridge gave the team an amazing view of the city of San Francisco.