Obesity is one of the biggest problems to American health. Many public officials are becoming more concerned about how to stop it. Many argue that sugary products should be taxed while other say that the state should implement programs for healthier foods. There is one possible solution does not target the dietary choice of the people- instead, it focuses on how people travel.

According to Science Daily, increases in support for public transit would decrease the national obesity rate. “The analysis found that for each 1 percent increase in a county’s population who frequently ride public transit, obesity rates dropped 0.2 percent,” says the Daily Mail about a study conducted by the University Of Illinois that was published in the Journal Preventive Medicine

The study argues that by taking public transit, people have to walk from one location to another. This would reduce the obesity rate because people would have to be active. However, when a person is driving, they might drive directly to their location rather than be doing anything physically demanding.

Sacramento Transit Bus

According to the Sacramento Regional Transit District, Sacramento has over 3 thousand bus stops, 3 light rails routes, and 67 bus routes. The transit system is one of the major players in transporting people around Sacramento. Many students, both in primary and secondary school, depend on RT for movement.

“[There’s] a lot of low-income people who are literally struggling by and I’ll hand them an extra pass and be like here quick before they give you a ticket,” said Rae Bandorf, SAC organizer, in an interview. “That’s not fair and I don’t want people to be like that.”

According to the University of Los Angeles, 39.9 percent of students in Sacramento are obese. Obesity is one of the biggest cause of health complications in America. There is definitely more than one way to fight obesity and every one of them count.