Summer break is quickly approaching. With it, local organizers are planning to provide more options for  young people who are just out of school to spend their time productively. On June 15th, at Cesar Chavez Park, an event geared just for teens will take place from 2pm to 6pm, an event called Juneteenth.


This event is geared for students between the ages of 5 and 18, with games and activities to do, spoken word competitions, as well as food trucks.

Image of Nakeya Bell’s Youth

“There will be plenty of fun and exciting activities for our youth to enjoy!” said Nakeya Bell, Juneteenth organizer, “The event will have free food, community vendors, interactive booths, fun activities, live entertainment featuring music, spoken word and dance performances. All under the shady trees of one of the best parks in Sacramento!”


This event provides a safe place for students to hang out after school lets out. You can also pre-register for this event here.


“Our SAC community coming together to kickoff Summer ‘17, uplifting all of our youth across the county and having some fun before the heat wave arrives! In addition, we are celebrating the strong partnerships with Sacramento nonprofits, foundations, government agencies, community residents and youth working together on the Black Child Legacy Campaign,”

said Bell. “The Black Child Legacy Campaign is a community-driven movement raising visibility and strengthening collective impact efforts to reduce the number of black mortalities due to homicide, child abuse/neglect, infant sleep-related conditions and perinatal conditions.  Aside from the historical black holiday celebration, we are promoting awareness around safety, violence prevention efforts and opportunities for our youth in Sacramento county.”


Once school lets out, the Juneteenth will be starting for any student to go and have a good time.