Since the Stonewall riots of 1964, the month of June has been known to many as LGBT pride month. On the third of June, hundreds gathered at Crocker Park in downtown Sacramento to prepare for the March of Equality. The March of Equality was hosted by the California Endowment and a coalition of people from various communitIes. The purpose of the march strive for equality and justice.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg Speaking Before The March

People started to gather at around 8:30 AM in the morning to prepare for the march. Signs were being made on the spot while new friends were meeting for the first time. Just before the march at around 10:00 AM, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg came to give a pep talk.

“We march to reaffirm that we are one community,” Steinberg told the crowd.  “We march to say loud and clear that Sacramento has always been always will be a place where we celebrate diversity and inclusion. We march to celebrate the incredible strives we have made for the LGBT and transgendered communities.”

According to the March of Equality Facebook page, one emphasis of the event was to “resist the hate”. In light of some of President Trump’s actions, the #resist movement has suddenly became more popular in many states. During the march

People At The March For Equality

there were many people holding signs with the “#resist” or “#resiste” statement on it. The sentiment were not necessarily anti-Trump, but it is clear that some of the strong feelings that were invoked during the march stem from the president’s actions since taking office. The march continued until almost 11:00 AM. People stopped outside the Pride Festival to hear stories from individuals that were willing to share. The march dispersed shortly afterward with many going into the festival.

Sacramento is home to a diverse population with many ethnicities and sexual orientations. According to organizers, the march was held to honor the fights that these communities have taken part in for their civil rights.