Access Sacramento’s 18th annual “A Place Called Sacramento” Film Festival named 10 winning writers today during a huge volunteer cast and crew call at Sacramento’s Coloma Community Center.

Volunteers meet the 10 winning writers during the annual “A Place Called Sacramento” Cast and Crew Call.

Nearly 250 volunteers turned out for the announcement of the winning projects with hopes of being selected as actors or technicians as the writers turned into producers. Each of the 10 scripts will become short films over the summer with a world premiere of the full set on Sat. Oct. 7 at Sacramento’s historic Crest Theatre.

The 10 writers come from across Sacramento County including Carmichael, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, Folsom, Rancho Cordova and Sacramento.

A Place Called Sacramento” awards 10 family-friendly scripts each year with the opportunity to have the script turned into a movie with a guarantee big screen world premiere, cable distribution of the Access Sacramento public access cable channel and credit listings on the prestigious Internet Movie Database (

Ten winning scripts with 14 writers announce their production needs to volunteers.

Copy and paste the writer’s  email address to contact the writer and to volunteer for their project. The winning writers with their project descriptions are:

“Amy’s Baby” by Scott Slotterbeck (Sacramento) – Struggling to have a baby, a couple turns to friend Peter for help, but this causes real problems in his own marriage.

“Ethel Takes a Stand” by Michelle LeMay & Kay Neuenhofen (Fair Oaks) – Ethel Stewart has her hands full. Her two grandkids drop by for the evening, and then things start going really wrong in the house next door. How will Ethel deal?

“From the (Mad) Genius Mind of Devin” by Dwight Taylor (Rancho Cordova)– – Young love blossoms for Devin and Hailey at the annual school science fair, until one amazing experiment threatens their romance – and the rest of the world.

“The Middle” by Peter Bond (Carmichael) – In the Old West the line between good and evil can get a bit murky, where even the best of men usually find themselves somewhere in “The Middle.”

“Penchance” by Adam Weber (Folsom) –  – A chance meeting in a cemetery between an unlikely young black man with a stutter and an old Jewish cynic blossoms into a friendship where each discovers the meaning of hope, faith and love proving the pen is mightier than the sword.

“Postponed” writer Adam Chollet (middle) and his team greet volunteer actors and crew during the annual Cast and Crew call.

“Postponed” by Adam Chollet (Sacramento) – – An undelivered letter takes a man on an unexpected journey.

“Regrets of a Dying Man” by Gricelda Ocegueda (Sacramento) –  – A young man dealing with abandonment and depression finds that everyone and everything around him is trying to stop his slow suicide from addiction.

“The Script That Came in from the Cold” by T.I. Cisneros (Sacramento) – – There’s no such thing as being “late” in Tom’s vocabulary, but with misfortune and a deadline running side by side, it looks like “Late” and “Loser” just may be synonymous.

“See You When” by Sally Start (Elk Grove) – – Two people, one home, zero future?

“Sole” by Maritza Flores, Jeanette Lim and Sam Manaoat (Elk Grove) – Sudden danger during her evening jog demands surprising courage and pride in ways Sarima had never anticipated.

Volunteers, many signing up to make a film for the first time, check in at the Access Sacramento registration table.

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