Ever since I started working for AccessLocal.TV as a Neighborhood News Correspondent, I began to see and overcome obstacles that would have definitely slowed me down in life. I have learned technical skills, personal skills, and workforce skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Voice over notes for a video on Sol Collective

Using a video editor was not new to me, but I’ve never worked with the equipment that AccessLocal.TV provided us. I find it important to be well versed in technological know-how, and in my opinion, the more equipment you become familiar with, the better.

Working with the iPod and iMovie was interesting, and a lot simpler than the equipment I worked with in the past. It produced good footage, and the videos were easy enough to make. My first introductional video is amateurish, going back and watching it now. Comparing it to my latest video about Yisrael Farms is a huge difference. I can see major growth from then to now, and it makes me happy to know that my skills have improved so much within a few months.

Aside from the technical knowledge I’ve gained, I also learned a great deal in talking with people. I wouldn’t say I was shy, but I was definitely more reserved. It was difficult for me to walk up to people and ask for interviews. But, of course, working as a reporter, I had to get over that quickly. I started talking to people at events I went to so I could get used to just talking. After a chat, I’d ask them for an interview. Now I feel I have become a better conversationalist, and I’ve been applying my skills to my work as well as personal life.

Towards the beginning months, I had feared “getting in the way” of people. I didn’t like taking shots in front of crowds and during meetings or lectures because I feared I was being intrusive or disruptive. It didn’t take long for my boss, Isaac, to notice this, and he and my co-workers gave me reassurance in my ability, and in my press-pass to get the shots I wanted.

Working for AccessLocal.TV news has been an overall wonderful experience. Although I had a rocky start, my skills improved with the help of my boss and co-workers. I cannot thank them enough for all I have learned from them. I feel more confident as a worker, and as a person, and I owe it all to AccessLocal.TV, and the wonderful people working for it.