A presentation about homeless LGBT Youth was held on at the Q-Spot on Wednesday, March 29th in Sacramento. The presentation was put on by youth working at the center. They went over facts about homeless youth in Sacramento as well as other parts of the United States. After the slide show they opened it up to the audience to ask questions about the information that was presented.

During the presentation, Maya, one of the young people putting on the presentation, talked about the troubles homeless youth face in Sacramento.

“There (has) been quite a few road blocks in Sacramento (to help homelessness), including the 2016 anti-camping ordinance, that continues to allied to the arrest of homeless folks,” said Maya. “This law allows for rampant discrimination. In a general synopsis it’s basically ‘you can’t have your belongings on the ground next to you, and if you do, a police officer is allowed to tell you to move, or to arrest you’, and these laws are wildly discriminatory to the undocumented, and the homeless.”  

The Q-Spot also provides care packages for the homeless people who visit the center. The packages contain toothbrushes, soap, sunscreen, water bottles, and other necessities that a homeless person may not have. The packages are  distributed to homeless in the Sacramento area.

Pamphlets handed out at the Q-Spot before the presentation.

“The Q-Spot is open everyday from 12 to 6 for LGBT and allied youth 13 to 23,” said Jessie, a youth program coordinator at the Q-Spot. “We have resources like showers, washers, and dryers; resources like hygiene supplies and warming supplies. We have different support groups that meet throughout the week. Every first Monday of the month is youth with disabilities, Wednesday is 13 to 17, Thursday is youth of color, and Friday is 18-23.”

The presentation lasted about one hour, and closed with questions from the audience. Many of the audience members who spoke up had other organizations to help the LGBT community, or to help the homeless. If you’d like to find out more about their organization, click here to go to their website.