Many may not know it, but increasing people’s access to nature offers one of the most reliable ways to reduce stress and depression.  A recent study just found that just from simply bird watching a person can boost their mental and physical well-being tremendously.

“This study starts to unpick the role that some key components of nature play for our mental well-being,” said Daniel Cox, a researcher with the University of Exeter.

The study focuses on social engagement of people in their communities to see if people who have more access to bird viewing and have nice scenery outside may be a factor in improving their overall well-being.  The research objective was aiming to find out if people who live in greener areas, with more access to fresh air, birds, and nature could have lower risk to have mental health symptoms.

In order to do this over 270 people were surveyed from different backgrounds, ethnicity, ages, and neighborhoods.  The research relied heavily on data to determine people’s exposure and levels of symptoms with mental health. The survey found that people who seek or have more birds in their neighborhood did in fact report having less anxiety. People who reported seeing few birds or no birds said they had higher levels of anxiety or depression.

“Birding is very relaxing for many reasons, it’s a great way to get fresh air, walk, and it’s inexpensive Meghan Samarra, a member of the Environmental Student Organization at California State University Sacramento. “There’s just something about getting lost in the sky that I feel helps all your problems or stress go away for a moment.”

There are many theories that suggest what bird watching and nature may or may not do for mental health. However, Dr. Cox evidence suggests social engagement with bird watching can encourage people to improved mental health; No matter the economic background, ethnicity, or age.

Living in Sacramento, which is known to be the “City of “trees”, people in our community should take advantage of bird watching. Since Sacramento is made up of communities filled with trees and birds that are more likely to be an eye’s view for many people. According to the U.S Fish & Wild Services birds could be found by parks, rivers, lakes, and neighborhoods. So go get relaxed and bond with nature.