At the popular art exhibition Art Street, one installation in particular is drawing long lines and individual attention from news outlets such as the Huffington Post and the Sacramento Bee.


Titled “This Is What It Feels Like”, the installation features a black, curtained-off room whose only features are a mirror, a dim light, and a pair of headphones. The viewer puts on the headphones and hears recordings of cat calls that, as the sign outside reads, are “taken verbatim from brave women who chose to share their experiences”.


“My immediate emotional impact was that of searing sadness and anger”, says viewer Cullen Elly. “I’m still thinking about it”.


As the sign also reads, it is “intended for a male audience”, and as suggested by the title, the piece aims to bring the experience of cat calling to those who haven’t experienced it. “I think men should go through [the installation], to see what it’s like”, said Art Street viewer Ryan Montoya. “Even if you aren’t someone who [cat calls], it’s good to know what’s going on in the world.”


“This Is What It Feels Like” is centered in the open area of the warehouse, adjacent to the West End Club section of the exhibition. The installation will remain open to the public until Art Street closes on Saturday, February 25th.