In an old warehouse off of Broadway Avenue, local Sacramento artists have set up interactive exhibitions and installations, bringing a new creative life to the city.

A mural in the “Cyberpunk Alley” section of Art Street

Featuring displays from over 100 artists, the Art Street gallery event opened to the public on February 3rd and will run until February 25th in the warehouse at 300 1st Avenue, Sacramento, CA. The exhibition is open Monday – Friday from 3pm to 9pm and Saturday – Sunday from 11am to 9pm.

The official website notes that the warehouse may stay open past closing hours for special evening events. These events include musical and theatrical performances, many taking place in the West End Club venue within the warehouse itself.
The event is a continuation of last year’s Art Hotel presentation, also organized by the M5 Arts collective.

“I think Art Street is a little bit above and beyond,” an attendant of both Art Hotel and Art Street said of the differences between the events. “It’s more interactive, and it’s a bigger space and a bigger venue.”

Due to the popularity of Art Street and the limited space within the warehouse, slots to enter the warehouse are given on a first-come, first-serve basis. A limited number of reservations are also offered on their website, linked above.

The success of the event is a positive sign for the future of artists as a whole in Sacramento.
“I think it’s growing stronger and stronger every year,” an Art Street attendant said of the Sacramento arts scene. “I think the Art Hotel last year made a huge impact on our community. It’s still bringing people in and people are still talking about it.”