Stack of 916 Ink published books

916 Ink, a non-profit organization, is seeking youth-written contributions as they work to compile a comic book about South Sacramento and its history. The comic book title is “How Did We Get Here?” and should contain 1-2 pages of the writer’s personal experience, or the experience of someone who has lived in South Sac.  916 Ink is paying $50 for narratives from youth, and the deadline is February 23rd. Entries need to be emailed along with release forms for youth.  

916 Ink free writing journal

916 Ink is a non-profit organization that establishes writing classes for children and teens. Their goal with this project is to compile a comic book about all the children’s and teen’s stories that they send in.

“We are collecting local narratives of how discriminatory land use, housing, and transportation policies and investments resulted in segregation, fewer opportunities for low-income communities and communities of color, and poorer health outcomes in specific neighborhoods.” Said Nikki, Cardoza, Director of Programming.

Entries are not limited to just personal experiences. People who want to enter can interview others about their experiences in South Sacramento as well as give their own. The entry can be about policies in South Sac that has affected them, the history of South Sac, and anything else that has shaped South Sacramento, and its people. Though the stories can be positive, they mainly want to focus on the adverse aspects of South Sacramento, focusing on policies that have discriminated against people.

916 Ink classroom guild-lines

“Each comic book will be published and distributed locally,” says Nikki Cardoza, Director of Programming from 916 Ink,  “And then we hope that all 5 comics will eventually be combined into an anthology the shows how public policies throughout the last 100 years have created communities in different areas of California.”

The comic book may not contain all the stories they receive, but all who enter will get a $50 cash card. The deadline is due February 23rd, and the comic will be available to buy August of 2017.