A youth photographer takes a photo of his subject

Youth media hubs from all over California united in Sacramento to socialize, learn, and discuss topics that effect the youth and the communities surrounding them. The BHC Youth Media convening was held at the Doubletree by Hilton and had many youth media groups come from various places in California such as Fresno, South Kern, Oakland, Boyle Heights, and more.

Jocelyn Cuevas poses for her shoot at the photography class

When first arriving, the young journalists checked-in with their luggage to get their room before going to the ballroom to have lunch with the rest of the youth. The first speaker of the day was Dana Griffin; a news reporter from KCRA 3. She began with an introduction of herself covering how before she lived in Sacramento she was a reporter and fill-in anchor in Rhode Island and about how her career began in Eureka, California. She finished her talk by answering questions from the audience.

The youth took a quick break to their rooms and came back down to the ballroom to do workshops. One was about photography in which you would learn about lighting and angles. In the other, the youth learned about LGBTQ history. At the end of day one, every youth media hub got together at the ballroom to eat dinner. They then hurried off into their rooms, ending the night.

The next day started with breakfast with a speaker from BLM speaking on his experiences while advocating his views. He talked about shutting down BART in Oakland and other protests. He finished his speech and took questions from the audience

We moved onto two more workshops which included how to do Quik videos presented by Isaac Gonzalez. In that workshop, he taught everyone how easy and fast it is for someone to make a video using the program.

“I think it’s pretty cool. I mean it’s something that I think is interesting and I could use to easily make videos with,” said Jocelyn Cuevas, a youth media participant at the event.

The second workshop was about infographics in which they taught the audience about

Youth meet to talk about how to become a stronger network

what it means to have a mean share information and the power it has to do so.

“Using information from credible sources and a bit of art design, you could make a really informative infographic,” said Isabella Martinez, s fellow youth journalist.

We finished the whole event with announcing who were the photo contest winners and gathering everyone together for a grand photo before sending everyone home to where they traveled from.