This past Martin Luther King weekend marked the 2017 BHC Youth Media Conference for young people who are aspiring to be the future journalists of tomorrow. The conference highlighted hot button issues by creating workshops discussing the latest presidential election, the school-to-prison pipeline, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights, and providing valuable information on new apps to help better tell a story.

Many speakers came to speak to the youth on a variety of topics that are effecting youth which also supports the BHC movement. KCRA Channel 3 News reporter Dana Griffin took the stage at the conference to share her personal story of breaking into the broadcasting business while also answering any questions the young journalist were curious about. Even though people may think her job of being on TV as being easy or glamorous, those words are far from what it takes to be in the business.

The young journalist, whom was raised down south got her start at a small market station in local news in Eureka, California, attributes her successful path to working tremendously hard, taking the time to learn the ins and outs of every part of the newsroom, and never letting “free” knowledge from mentors pass her by. The now seasoned reporter stated that it took her two years to break into the business. She had to work hard to perfect her craft and build her skills. Even after she landed her first job it wasn’t easy.

When she was asked; What was the hardest skill to grasp on the field? She stated, “Interviewing was the hardest to grasp, you have to learn how to ask the right questions top get the information you need for your story.”

Throughout Griffin’s time on the stage, she made it pertinent that young people must continue to constantly be aware of the news. She highlighted that just because your off duty doesn’t mean you don’t pay attention to what’s going on in the world. Continue to work hard and continue to stay ahead of the game in a business that is continuously changing.