A picture of the Visions In Education center on El Camino.

When I tell people I am home-schooled, the first question I get is “do you miss the social aspect of public school?” This question not only assumes that I have gone to public school, but it also assumes that charter schools do not have opportunities for socialization.

I have been with a charter school called Visions in Education for my entire schooling career. They offer classes that are set up like public school classes, so that way kids and teens get the opportunity to meet other students in their grade. I have taken many of these classes before and am taking some currently. Some of the most prominent classes are the Find Your Voice classes and the Enrichment classes, in which you get credits. However, there are more options for socialization that aren’t a credit-based class,credit-based.E.M. workshops, field trips, and enrichment classes.

When I was a child, I was always confused when certain family members disapproved of my mom for putting me in a charter school. They would say, “Your kids need to socialize so they know how to deal with life situations!” This confused me because I did socialize; I took Enrichment classes for science, acting, and writing. I met up with kids my age, made friends, and learned. But it’s lack of knowledge about charter schools that leads to the belief we’re all anti-social, uneducated recluses.

Image of the Learning Center, which is part of Visions in Education, and is where some activities take place.

Just because I am home-schooled, it doesn’t mean I cannot function in the “real world”. Just because I do my homework at home, it doesn’t mean I do not have the opportunity to go out and learn. I am a proud student of Visions in Education, and I am not incompetent just because I’m part of something different.