For the past few months I’ve been working for Access local.TV as a neighborhood news correspondent. Although the experience was short lived, I can certainly say that the skills that I’ve gained from working here and the people I’ve met have really helped me to branch out my abilities as a content creator.

Prior to my time here I had no real world experience as a journalist outside of school. I was very shy to simply show up to a place or an event as part of the media. I wasn’t comfortable with capturing footage or photography of the event and interviewing key participants in the story. But since working as a journalist for access local, I’ve become incredibly more comfortable with being on the scene and more confident as a journalist. On top of that I’ve also written many articles and have continued to do what it is that I do best, which is producing and editing videos.

Some of my favorite articles that I’ve written the past couple of months are the Boys and Men of Color, RYSE: Film Festival, and my personal thoughts on what’s important about voting to name a few. These were important to me because it felt great to write about something of real significance in my community. Being able to learn how to strengthen my writing skills as I produced these articles was a great lesson for me.

Although I still have much to master in the realm of writing, just being able to say that I have experience in journalism is important to me and to my resume. As for any advice that I would give to any future neighborhood news correspondents, I would say to always give your best effort in every written work or video made, as each piece reflects who you are as a creator or as a digital media producer.