fullsizerenderThis past summer I started as a Neighborhood News Correspondent at Access Sacramento. This experience has been so amazing. Although I did already have past experience working in news, most of my days played out as an intern running scripts and sitting answering phones at a desk and keeping up with social media. My experience here I will cherish forever because it gave me hands on experience in my dream career of being a reporter. This experience allowed me to engage the community and help tell positive stories in Sacramento County. I wrote, interviewed, shot, edited, and produced all of my stories these are valuable skills that I will be able to use anywhere in this industry. The stories that I found to be some of my favorite stories to cover would have to be the B.M.O.C event, Oak Park Gardens, Oak Park Cleanup, and stories of communities coming together to make their communities safer.

The B.M.O.C summit, “We Are More Than A Statistic,” provided the young men with workshops, music, raffles, and food for all who attended. They focused on difficult topics, and also provided the young men with resources and support that will help get them to college. Other events such as Oak Park Clean Up’s and Oak Park Community Gardens really helped people in their own communities by providing education and beautification as well as supplying food for any community members that came out to the garden. The community garden teaches families how to grow their own vegetables and how to make healthy meals. The Oak Park Clean Up’s goal is to raise the expectations not only of residents, entrepreneurs, and especially its school-age children, but also of the surrounding neighborhoods, the city, the county, and the Sacramento region as a whole.

Another event that I found to warm my heart while working with Access Sacramento would have to be the Free Health Clinic event that took place in Oak Park. This event showed me that there are a lot of people in the community who want to volunteer their time, and actually care to give back to their community.

Not only was I able to build my skills by filming events all over Sacrament, but I have also been able to strengthen my writing skills. When I first started writing I was not the best writer at all. However, with continuous practice and paying close attention to my editor’s feedback I found myself to get into a better flow of writing. My professors and mentor both have seen a huge growth in my reporting skills, thanks to Access Sacramento. Topics that I found that challenged my writing were topics of breaking down data or research. Sometimes when I was thrown a ton of information it was hard for me to try to digest and write on the topic, but overtime I learned that when are given information you must “eat the meat, and spit out the bones”.

I want to thank everyone at Access Sacramento. I’m grateful for the real-world exposure, the relationships I built, and the things I was privileged enough to see and experience.