img_0949A teacher once told nothing is for sure in life, except for death and failure. I have failed many times and will fail many more. The Neighborhood News Correspondent program has been an experience I will never forget. I saw, I learned, I did.

I believed that in order for a community to be great, the media need to be unbiased and be built on the youth. This program gave me the opportunity to see the change I could make as a young person. Before this program, I considered myself as a rhetorical person. I am on my school debate team, I used to debate to win but now I have learned how to argue for the truth. The first few articles and videos I have done for the NNC, I admit, was done with a pre-existing bias. I made them with an intention to convince people to my side of the argument, to imposed an opinion on the audience. I’m glad to have a team to correct my mistake.

The team has done me favors I do not think I could repay in a lifetime. They taught me that bias invalidates me as a writer, as speaker, and a reporter. They taught me not with strict punishment, but with kindness and compassion. They nurture my growth as a writer, but also trust me to improve on my own.

I learned to write with the confidence that my new founded unbias has authenticated as me a trustworthy reporter- to become a reporter who is there to tell the unadulterated truth. I owe thanks of my growth to the Neighborhood News Correspondent team.

Now dear future Neighborhood News Correspondent, there are a couple of things I would advise you to do. First and foremost, do not plan a project so big you could not finish on time. I made this mistake many times and thanks to Isaac and the team I was able to correct it (for the most part). Second, change your smoke alarm battery so it would not beep when you are doing a voice over! I haven’t changed my smoke alarm in two years and Isaac was the one that pointed it out. The noise was so common that my brain did not register it anymore. Third, have fun and be yourself. For me, this program has been a path to self-discovery. I hope that you will have fun and enjoy what you do!