For anyone who drinks soda or any sugary based beverages regularly may want to start reaching for water soon. New research suggests that drinking two or more sweetened drinks per day could be doubling your risk for diabetes. In this new study conducted Swedish researchers found that consuming two or more 6.07 oz. servings of sweetened drinks daily doubles the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This creates a big dilemma for many Americans because the average size drink is 12 ounces. Furthermore if you are consuming just one standard drink a day you have already doubled your risk unknowingly.

“Not all studies have been able to look at sugary and artificially beverages separately,” said Josefin Edwall Löfvenborg, a nutritionist at the Karolinksa Intitute in Sweden, “(but) it’s getting more and more established that soft drinks increase risk of type II diabetes.” (CNN)

So how are we going to change society’s consumption of sugary drinks? Soda companies have already started cutting sugar in their drinks, but just a few weeks ago Pepsi Co. just announced they will be finally turning against sugar. While the news may come to a surprise for such a prominent soda company; the reason why they opting for less sugary drinks is to turn around sales as soda consumption begins to decline. Since new studies are verifying the health risk behind the added sugar in soda. Society has been consuming less of the sugary beverages. Even though Americans consume 30% more sugar daily now than three decades ago, according to the Obesity Society, nutritional trends are increasingly focusing on the dangers of eating too much sugar. Pepsi hopes to diversify their offerings by 2025 and grow sales of drinks such as tea, coffee, bottled water, and downsizing bottles.

Soda companies are not the only companies trying to help eliminate this obesity trend. Local fast food restaurants have also opted to change the format of their menus and promotion. Recently, Burger King has decided to jump on board with other fast food chains by taking soda off their kids menu.

“Many kids today are active and busy today, and for a lot parents they don’t have time to always make sure their kids are making healthy choices.” Ann Taylor – Registered Dietician “Which means when kids are out and have easy access to soda for processed sugars it creates a dilemma to continue raise obesity rates.”

Fast- food chains are feeling the urgency from advocacy groups to do their part to help fight obesity. According to The Center for Science in the Public Interest says sugary drinks are a hefty contributor to kids packing on the extra pounds. Fast food chains are continuing to try to develop new ways to balance their nutritional menu to help lower this unhealthy trend.

The good news is not only can soda and fast food companies make changes but we all as community as well. When looking at the nation’s first “soda tax” on sugar-sweetened beverages, which went into effect in Berkeley, last year showed that it worked.

A local research student named Kristine Madsen at UC Berkley conducted a study that showed once the tax was put in place there was a significant decline. People in Berkeley reported a huge increase in their water consumption.

“Being a student on campus it was always hard to avoid unhealthy caffeine, so sometimes I would opt for a soda, Julia Surges 2016 UC Berkley Graduate “but when the tax was put into place I opted for coffee and water.”

Cutting sugar is in high demand right now for society, and thanks for advocacy groups and researchers soda are no longer the main source of revenue for these companies. This research may show that soda companies need to cut sugar from beverages to survive due to consumer demand, but consumers need to actually take control monitoring their daily sugar intake in order to a decline diabetes and obesity rates.