My name is David Alcala and I am 20 years old. This is my first time voting in the general elections and I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have felt let down by the main candidates running for President because I feel that none of them match my values. I am not going to dwell on the negative and still try to find something I am passionate about.

I have no idea where to start at sorting through the abundant amount of information. Learning about each proposition and candidate and deciding a side seemed like a hard job for me, so I went out and searched for some help on this.

“There’s actually an app called the ‘Vote California’ app,” says Milena Paez, a Sacramento resident and well-informed voter. “It’s actually really great, it’s a quick one stop shop for voter information.”

The app gives information to check your status and see if you are registered or not and if not then people are able to register. It provides the location of polling places and if you are voting by mail it gives the location of drop off zones. Also on the app is a quick guide to the propositions.

“For me, voting yes or no confused me, so I looked up the voter guide online… it helped me choose the right answer by using easier wording,” says Fabian Perez, a local voter.

Some guides for voting make it easier and will make the decision smoother.

“The wording is difficult, someone with just a high school degree might have trouble reading it…. It is worded for politicians,” says Oniel Sanchez, a local voter.

Young voters may feel left out of the process but coming across this app made me feel a lot better and like a more confident voter. Also knowing that I had the option to take my phone in and use it while casting a ballot really calmed me down.

Reading through the propositions, number 67 really grabbed my attention. Voting “yes” prohibits the use of single-use plastic bags to be given out at stores. All bags would need to be recycled and/or reusable.

I work at a grocery store and sometimes have to help bag the groceries and in the store all the bags are reusable. We charge ten cents for each bag but if a person pays with EBT or WIC they get them for free.

Some people do try and bring their bags and if they forget then will take their groceries loose. Mainly the clientele with the government aid need bags. The grocery store still gives away a lot of plastic bags on a daily basis.

A future where the use of plastic bags has been controlled and lowered gives me hope that the American people are still growing stronger and smarter. We the people are not controlled by our needs but by our knowledge and better judgment.