With voting day swiftly approaching, it’s good to sometimes take a step back and consider what is important to you again as a voter, as a citizen. You are the one who gets to be a part of history. You are the one who gets to take a stand, a side, and help decide which direction your country will go in and who you want as your leader to represent all of America. Voting is important because without votes, there is no decision. And your vote counts, your decision towards a certain future and a certain leader is vital to the continuous growth of our nation and where we stand in the rest of the world and how the world will function in times of crisis.

Personally, what’s important to me as a voter is genuineness. As long as a leader or government is honest and only doing what they think is right for the majority of the people, that is what I find important in electing a president. Someone who is strong and always looking out for the people and the best interest of the country. They don’t have to be perfect and they don’t necessarily need to always make the best decisions, as long as they have good intentions, aren’t doing anything for any selfish reasons, and as long as it does not bring harm to anyone. And these go without saying for any propositions or laws being passed as well. As long as everything is for the sake and benefit of helping the majority in some way shape or form and there is no malice behind it for other people in power, then those are the ideals and people that I will vote for.

Whatever you decide to do and to vote on this upcoming Tuesday, just always think to yourself what is important to you. After all, your decision helps to influence the shape and direction of the United States and of your local community for years to come.