916 Ink, a local non-profit organization that empowers youth to find their voice through creative writing classes, recently had a lengthy board meeting to discuss further plans for the future.

The meeting took place in 916 Ink’s new hub called “The Imaginarium”. The Imaginarium is located at Maple Community Center on Franklin Blvd. Maple was once a school and the Imaginarium was the school’s old library. Now, after some major modifications, the room has a feel that strikes the imagination and inspires creativity.

The board spent 3 days trying to plan out the next five years. With the help of Morrie Warshawski, a fellow writer and strategic planner, Mr. Warshawski lead the board through several exercises determining the strong qualities of the organization and what the board really wanted to conquer in the near future. In the end, the board chose some reachable goals to help maintain a stable growth.

20161022_115400The 3 part meeting started on Friday, October 21st, and went all the way to Sunday the 23rd. Board members, also known as “Dreamers”, got the opportunity to really understand the direction of the organization and finalize the organization’s mission and vision.

“In the future, 916 Ink will let every Sacramento kid know that they aren’t alone, and that the sharing of stories will create meaning and connections in their lives,” says Katie McCleary, one of the founders and Executive Director of 916 ink.

So far, 916 Ink has worked with nearly 2,400 kids and has already published over 65 books. 916 Ink is very unique in the way that every child that has gone through a 916 ink class has become a published author.

“The best part about seeing a kid hold their published book is the way that the kid stands taller, speaks louder, and feels okay in sharing their stories and words in the world,” says McCleary.

916 ink is still a young organization but has been making large strides of growth thanks to the help of all the volunteers and staff. To find out more or if you want to volunteer visit their website.