Students Lining Up for Lunch

The black plague has killed more than fifty million people. By conservative estimate, that would be one out of every ten American dead. But that was over six hundred years ago in Europe. Today is the modern world and many people have access to quality health care. America has abundances in food, so much so that people are dying from overeating. The scale of which can be considered unprecedented, very much like the black death.

Many organizations have called obesity an “epidemic” because a staggering one-third of American adult are obese. In a published study by RAND Health, obesity can be considered worse than smoking or poverty due to the magnitude of health problem it causes. People with obesity is linked to more chronic disease such as heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. About three hundred thousand people died directly from obesity each year. That would be around thirty-four people dying every one hour. More death than influenza, pneumonia, and Alzheimer’s combined.

Many adults see obesity as a single problem with one consequence and one solution. You’re overweight because you’re eating too much. By being overweight, you’re not healthy and you can stop being overweight by eating healthier. This can be considered true to some extent, however, many experts agree that prevention is key. That is why more organization such as , run by First Lady Michelle Obama, is teaching kid to eat healthier. In a recent interview with ASSET program manager at John F Kennedy high school, Chandler Cooper says “ We have a strict guideline to which we serve snacks to student”. Also, JFK high school cafeteria manager, Mrs. Frances say “The food we serve to kids are low fats, low sugars and contain certain things that they need. We can’t just cook whatever we want.”

Prevention at a young age is proven to be an effective tool to stop diseases as well as certain behavior. One such example would be the truth anti-smoking campaign which shows the danger of smoking as they really are. If the same thing can be applied to obesity, it could lead to less American dying from their own weight.